What is telemedicine?

With patients’ lives becoming busier and busier, it can be difficult and burdening to make a trip into your psychiatrist’s office. At Premiere Psychiatric Medicine, we offer around the clock care through telemedicine. Telemedicine falls under a broad range of telehealth categories, a relatively new way of delivering medical services through technology in our own home.

Telemedicine allows for a unique and personal relationship with doctor to patient to continue outside of the psychiatric office. Using technology, telemedicine forwards the opportunity for two-way communication from anywhere in the world, whether you’re on a business trip or simply your living room couch. Through live video chats or phone calls, diagnosis, follow-ups and check-ups are now offered when coming into an office is not an option.


Telemedicine Services and Technology

While the first sign of telemedicine was delivered way back in 1948 through a telegraph, the ways of delivery have changed drastically. At PPMed, we believe in a personal way of handling our patients. There are times when coming into our office is not an option, whether you’re traveling or simply not well enough to come in person. Whether it’s through texting, calling, e-mail or Skype/FaceTime, there will always be someone for you to talk to.

This type of interactive telemedicine allows physicians and patients to communicate with each other in real time. While check-ins allow face-to-face contact, telemedicine allows the patient to reach out to their doctor at the same time as their problems are occurring and receive immediate care.


Advantages to Telemedicine

-  Convenience
-  Increased accessibility
-  Less waiting time
-  Cost-efficient
-  Patient demand